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4 steps toward gender diversity in the workplace

Did your financial performance benefit from diversity within your workplace this year? The two are positively correlated when it comes to executive teams, according to a study by McKinsey1 which looked at top-quartile companies worldwide. However, women only account for 23 per cent of New Zealand’s tech sector, as reported by MYOB’s 2018 Women in Tech Report2, showing that a change needs to begin.

Taking action to encourage gender diversity within your company doesn’t need to be difficult – here are four steps you can use to ensure your workplace is inclusive for everyone.

1. Rethink your job descriptions

It’s likely that, one way or another, when advertising for a role you’re using language that relates more to one gender than another. Rethink your job description so that it’s compelling for a diverse candidate pool, rather than limiting your options. Show all aspects of the role, and make it clear why your company is a great place to work for both men and women.

Consider language as well. Certain words, or ways of phrasing statements, can influence who you’re appealing to. For example, terms like ‘ninja’ placed in front of a role’s title may discourage female applicants, where the straightforward description of the role might not.

2. Look beyond hiring

Making sure your hiring practices take into account gender diversity is only the first step to developing it within your workplace. It’s important to consider daily processes as well. Look at aspects such as:

  • The company’s culture.
  • The types of events your business holds.
  • How you celebrate successes.
  • Onboarding processes.

Do you ensure each of the above appeals to both genders, and that they’re inclusive for everybody involved? Diversity is an ongoing process, not something you only do once.

3. Celebrate diversity, but look for commonality

Different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are great for creating innovation, challenging group mind think and bringing new opportunities into the business. However, to create a strong, cohesive team you want to find the common ground between everyone to help connections and relationships grow. Look for ways you can bond your company and its people together, while celebrating the diversity that brings so much to your business.

4. Put effort in 

You may assume diversity should grow naturally in an open-minded company, but this may not always happen. To avoid finding out further down the line that somehow your diversity has vanished, conduct regular reviews, consider your hiring methods, and analyse workplace statistics. 비트코인 도박사이트

Look at the spread of gender at every level of your company. Additionally, check that salaries aren’t showing a bias either, but simply reflect role and skill.

Learn from exit interviews. It presents you with an opportunity to find out if someone felt excluded and why, allowing you to rectify the issue moving forward.

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