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4 tips for hiring success in 2023

Snaring the ideal job candidate may appear somewhat of a challenge at a time when less and less people are interested in full-time work post-Covid. That being the case, there are still top-notch people out there willing to take on a new role as long as it is challenging enough and the pay and conditions are right.

This inevitably means more compromise and negotiation than may otherwise have been the case a few years ago, but there are steps you can take as an employer or hiring manager to help you get the best possible candidate. Below are four tips for hiring success in the year 2023.


Offer the right incentives and be flexible

Jobseekers with the right technical qualifications that are willing to commit to full-time employment for the long term are not as plentiful as the used to be. For prospective employers, this means being a lot more flexible about where and when your employees perform their work. Gone are the days when you could just advertise a role which states, ‘you will have this, this, this and this’ without offering tangible incentives in return.

This doesn’t just mean putting more money on the table either. To snare and hold onto the best candidate you’ll need to offer a career path that is compelling enough to want them to stay. This may entail offering incentives you may not previously have considered such as bonuses for meeting certain job targets or leave without pay they can tack onto their four or five weeks of paid annual leave, work-related travel or even the opportunity to work in other cities or countries if possible.


Devise your own tests and evaluations

Resumes and cover notes are obviously important as a first point of contact and the interview process is still a highly effective way of separating candidates. Having said that, resumes and cover letters are often embellished and candidates that display the necessary people skills and confidence at interview may still be lacking the skillsets you need.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to devise your own tests and examinations that dig deeper into what a job candidate actually knows so you can be confident that they will be able to handle the tasks involved from day one. Having your own tests should also let you know whether the applicant has the ability to practically apply the technical qualifications and certificates they have listed on their resume.

Extra evaluations don’t necessarily need to be technical in nature, but can be used to test a job seeker’s compatibility with your office culture and what they would do under various circumstances. Once you have devised a suitable series of tests they can then be applied to future job candidates, and while this could potentially drag the hiring process out a bit longer it will help ensure that you’ve picked the right person for the job.


Gauge your candidate’s level of commitment

Finding the right full-time employee at a time when less and less jobseekers want to take on that type of responsibility is not easy, so you need a candidate that is sufficiently passionate about their career and can see how your role will further their development.

The simplest way to determine commitment is to examine how long they’ve stayed in previous roles and to enquire as to why they left them, which should provide another indicator as to whether they’re a good fit with your company’s culture.


Research the local market

Finally, check out what other organisations are offering for similar roles and see how you stack up by comparison. Salary is a good place to start but all the other aforementioned benefits are important too, especially if the role you advertise is highly specialised and good candidates are in short supply.


This way you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting a top candidate without having to worry about them jumping ship the moment someone else betters your offering. Finite 920’s expert team are obviously here to help you all the way – contact your local office today.


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