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4 tips to take your software development to the next level

In the NZ tech and IT industries, nothing stays still for long – which means you can’t either. Developing your skills is essential to getting ahead in your field and creating the career you want.

Here are four ways to advance your software development skills and make yourself a more desirable employee.

1. Learn to look at the big picture

Part of developing your skills in your IT job is learning how important it is to take a step back and look at the overarching picture. This means everything from the entirety of the code to understanding how projects progress from end-to-end.

If you want to grow as a software developer, work on understanding how everything fits together. Practice asking questions such as:

  • How well will what you’re creating work with the rest of the system?
  • Is there anything you can do to ensure the code is easy to maintain, moving into the future?
  • How readable will other developers find your work?

2. Revert to paper

Stepping away from the computer and reverting to writing your code out on paper can help reignite your creativity. Sometimes a change in medium helps refresh your thinking, and allows you to explore what you want to do without any pressure.

Additionally, by planning your code out before you begin, you create a clear mental outline of what you want to do. This way you’re less likely to find out that you should have taken a different direction when you’re already halfway through your code.

3. Collaborate on open-source projects

There are multiple benefits for open-source projects, especially as a junior developer. Here are a few:

  • You learn how to collaborate with other developers.
  • You’re exposed to different coding styles and practices.
  • You get the chance to work with more advanced or seasoned developers.
  • You build your repertoire.
  • You demonstrate your dedication to learning.
  • You increase your experience more rapidly.

4. Go beyond software development

Soft skills are just as important as technical capabilities when looking to advance within a developer’s role.

Focus on developing everything from emotional intelligence to time management and productivity. Being able to communicate well and become an integral part of a team are highly desirable skills for companies when they’re looking for a software developer, opening up more opportunities for you when you’re looking for work.

If you want to know more about advancing your IT or Tech career in NZ, make sure you reach out to the team at Finite920. With years of experience helping software developers find their perfect role, we provide expert assistance to job seekers.



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