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How Can You Attract the Top Tech Talent in NZ

There’s no way around the fact that demand for talented developers and other tech professionals far outstrips supply.

Which means the best candidates have many options to choose from and can expect good salaries, perks, and bonuses to be thrown at them from many willing companies vying for their attention.

Given the high demand, companies need to prioritise workforce planning so they can properly compete for this talent. Having a process in place significantly improves the long term talent attracting potential of the company, rather than just hoping to get lucky finding someone high calibre each time there is an open position.

So what steps should companies be taking to give themselves the best chance of landing the best candidates?

Build a strong company presence online

A highly effective way to attract talented and passionate people is to build a strong company presence via the online tech community. This can be done by participating in community forums or by offering value and expertise through blogs and industry news.

By establishing a presence in the tech space, this builds greater brand awareness as well as opens up opportunities to take a greater role in the broader community through attending or sponsoring events such as hackathons or workshops.

Create a culture people want to work at

Having a good company culture makes a huge impact on whether people want to work at your company – and how long they want to stay. Establishing a strong culture is not something that happens overnight and it also requires living it every day. But by making culture a priority, your organisation is making it known that it values its employees and its brand.

A good company culture is one that encourages open communication, embraces failure, and values a good work/life balance. You can demonstrate a commitment to supporting work-life balance with policies that recognise people’s individual circumstances and needs, such as being able to work from home one day a week or having flexible work hours. Many successful tech companies such as Airbnb and Oracle for example offer flexible work-from-home policies, which can help employee engagement, retention, and even increase productivity.

Perfect your job ads

It’s not possible to attract the best tech talent if you can’t craft job ads that properly sell the position or the company. Make sure the position description matches the role and is written by someone in the know. There’s nothing worse than seeing technical roles described by HR staff that simply do not understand the requirements of the position. You should also be looking to ensure the company’s strengths are highlighted in the ad so that candidates are made aware of why your company is a great choice of workplace.

Offer the right package

Remember that the package doesn’t stop with the salary. The key to crafting great compensation packages is to ensure you’ve designed the salary and benefits package in a way that appeals to the individual candidate. During the interview process you should focus on picking up a good understanding of the candidate’s values and priorities. That information can then be put to good use by designing a package that appeals directly to them.

You should be aware of what benefits are seen as the most important to candidates today. The 2019 Stackoverflow Developer Survey indicated that the top five most sought after benefits in order are: languages and technologies worked with; company culture; flex time/a flexible schedule; opportunities for professional development; and remote work options. The other benefit of offering great, tailored packages is that word of mouth is a powerful thing and once people start hearing about your company’s benefits packages then it helps attract future talent.

Opportunities for growth

People want to feel like they are developing their skill set and advancing along their chosen career path. Therefore its important to provide relevant training and development opportunities that match people’s career goals and interests. Put in place programs that identify and reward good performance so people can see their efforts are valued and don’t go unnoticed. This also helps build a strong and positive company culture that rewards effort and excellence.

Finding the best

Getting tech talent to say yes can be tricky. But by following the above approach you can give yourself the best possible chance to attract the best. It’s also good to be aware of what you know well and where you might need additional help. Look to your senior developers or external technical specialists to assist you in writing position descriptions and job ads or in developing a dedicated tech recruitment strategy.

Should you need further support in finding and recruiting tech talent; whether that be tips for the interview process or crafting the best benefits packages, Finite is here to help.


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