Job Seekers

At Finite920, we’re committed to ensuring you land a role that aligns with your skills, ambition, and cultural preferences. We have no interest in guiding you towards a position that’s unsuitable for you. It’s not our style. We understand that pushing candidates to take the wrong job compromises relationships and trust, so we don’t do it.

We’ve spent over two decades supporting the technology industry in New Zealand. We’re familiar with the individuals, the companies, and make it our mission to understand their ever-evolving technological and digital requirements. We recognise talent when we see it, making us your ideal partner to connect your abilities with your next big opportunity.

With Finite920, you know where you stand. Our consultants offer ethical professional advice and top-tier service. We strive to comprehend your needs and desires.

Our approach of profound technical understanding implies you’ll be interacting with recruiters who recognise the details of your achievements and qualifications. We don’t merely scan CVs for buzzwords. We don’t make assumptions or guesses about your capabilities.

Recognising your potential, and sourcing new opportunities for you to utilise and develop these abilities, is our passion and purpose.

Permanent Work

We aim for our candidates to be the ideal match for the roles we propose. It’s crucial for us to maintain robust connections and regular communication with you throughout the process. We guarantee that you’ll have all the relevant information required to confidently attend your interview. If you’re successful, we’ll keep in touch during the probation period to assist you in settling in. And, we’ll value and act upon your feedback.

In addition to this, we’ll provide you with:

  • Career planning
  • Development advice
  • Salary assessment
  • Comprehensive client briefing for interviews
  • Assistance with CV preparation and interview technique advice.
  • What sets Finite920 apart is our robust relationships with clients throughout New Zealand, often granting us exclusive opportunities to recruit for roles. We can provide opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere.

Rest assured that we respect your confidentiality and privacy. We will never submit your CV and personal details to a third party without your consent, or alter a CV without your authorisation. We will always provide you with accurate, concise job descriptions.

If you’re seeking permanent technology, digital, risk, or business transformation roles in New Zealand, get in touch with us to explore how we can assist.

Contract Work

Contractors play a significant part in our business. We see you as an integral part of Finite920. Our processes are efficient and reliable, enabling you to commence work faster.

Over the years, we’ve established a contractor base that’s managed with integrity and fairness. It’s resulted in one of the most substantial and loyal contractor databases in New Zealand. Our focus on our people, coupled with our excellent client relationships, means that many of our contractors secure successive contracts with Finite920.

We guarantee that we’ll:

  • Negotiate the best rate for you
  • Pay you promptly
  • Conduct performance and rate reviews
  • Offer career development advice, where required
  • Send you industry newsletters to keep you updated and host regular social events.
  • If your expertise lies in technology, digital, risk, or business transformation contracting, we have a massive project delivery schedule across New Zealand. Our contractor database is always in need of more talent.

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Work for Finite920

Our success hinges on our ability to identify talent and harness it, both for our clients and ourselves. For more than twenty years, we’ve been inviting world-class talent into our organisation, forging a team, work ethic, and culture that’s truly unique.

Discover how you can enjoy a highly rewarding career at Finite920.

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