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LOCKDOWN LINKEDIN: How to tailor your LinkedIn Profile to ensure you are the top candidate for the best jobs after COVID-19

In a world embracing the virtual way of life thanks to COVID-19, many of your first impressions are going to be delivered online. Your presence online is an important part of your personal brand and so, it needs to be solid.

A great place to work on your virtual branding is on Linkedin. Nearly all employers screen potential candidates before picking up the phone, so it’s important your profile is up to date.

Read on to find out how you can perfect your LinkedIn profile, so you’re the top candidate for the best jobs after COVID-19.

Step 1: Complete Your Profile

You may be finding that COVID-19 has left you with extra time on your hands. Make the most of it by getting your LinkedIn profile up to date.

A completed profile gives a potential hirer more information about you, your achievements and job history. These profiles are much more appealing as It makes it easier for them to assess your suitability for the role.

Make sure you:

  1. Upload a professional photo – this is particularly important during COVID-19 when your online presence is your only presence. Make a great first impression with a good quality and professional photo.
  2. Write a compelling headline – the text below your name is prime real estate. It should be engaging, easy to read and informative. Include your current job title, use key words to define your key skills and use symbols, such as | or ► or ●, to separate the information.
  3. Include an engaging summary – your summary should showcase times where you’ve exceeded expectations and achieved great results. Remember to keep your audience in mind. Hirers are not looking for a long list of your daily tasks.
  4. Avoid Buzzwords – don’t use generic buzzwords e.g. creative or motivated. You won’t stand out as unique if you sound like everybody else.
  5. Use Metrics – be specific by using metrics to quantify the outcomes you achieved while in your role e.g. x% increase in website visitors over the past year, x% increase in sales directly from marketing activity etc.

Step 2: Actively Connect

Actively making connections on LinkedIn is more important now than ever. In a time when we can’t physically network, this is the time to reach out to new contacts online.

Expanding your network is one of the most useful actions you can take to make your job search a success. Think about connecting with thought leaders, colleagues, authors, mentors and people who you would like to work with.

Step 3: Join the Conversation

An important part of building your personal brand is joining the conversation. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are an expert in your field. There’s no shame in being a “curious learner” and talking about things that you have recently learned.

After COVID-19, employers will want to know that you are across the changes happening in your industry, so it’s important to share your expertise or thoughts with your connections on LinkedIn.

Be sure to follow relevant influencers and bloggers, so you can have interesting and useful content in your LinkedIn feed. Click here for a list of top voices in Technology on LinkedIn.

Step 4: Showcase COVID-19 Related Skills

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and do business. Focus on building and showcasing your skills consistent with the newly evolving market.

  • Autonomous & Independent – crucial for working from home situations
  • Adaptability & Flexibility – important for working in the evolving new normal
  • Tech Savviness – must be able to operate effectively and efficiently online
  • Innovation & Creativity – thinking outside the box in order to create solutions
  • Strategic – crucial for leadership positions as new normal evolves

Step 5: Get Endorsements/Recommendations

Show hirers that you aren’t just talking up your skills and demonstrate that the people who you work with believe in them. Skills endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn help you provide evidence of your abilities to potential employers. Don’t be afraid to reach out and request a recommendation. This will be key in landing you an interview.

If you want help perfecting your LinkedIn profile, or finding a great job once your profile is up to date, get in touch with Finite920. We can connect you with the best roles in IT, Digital and Business Transformation.


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