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How to find the best tech talent: Advice from one of the top recruitment agencies in Auckland

Your search for IT & Digital professionals is over.

Or it’s only beginning, depending on how long you’ve been recruiting for the best-fit IT and digital skills.

You already know that tech skills are in high demand in the digital economy. But what you might not know is how to find and attract the best people. Even if they’re not on the market.

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Auckland, we know where to find top IT and digital skills.

Here, we share our winning strategy.

The anatomy of a successful tech recruitment campaign

Step 1: Create a solid brief

It takes, on average, 35 days to fill an IT role. That’s a long time to wait in a time of global digital transformation.

A strong brief saves time, reduces the chance of poor hires, and targets the right candidates.

To secure the best talent, your brief should:

  • Explain why the job exists, as well as its purpose and deliverables
  • Define the required skills, experience, and qualifications
  • List daily activities
  • Describe personality and behavioural traits
  • Outline prospects for growth, learning, and development, and
  • Specify the benefits and salary budget.

The brief should show how the role ties to specific business outcomes. It should also outline what you hope to achieve in the next 12 to 18 months with this appointment.

Take your time with this step. It’s one of the most important, especially in IT and digital recruitment.

Step 2: Research and market mapping

There’s a good chance your ideal candidate isn’t even looking for a new opportunity. So, how do you reach them?

As one of the leading IT recruitment companies in Auckland, Finite920 has nurtured an extensive network of tech and digital talent. And we’ve developed a solid understanding of their motivations – key to winning them over.

Bottom line? Your IT talent sourcing strategy should:

  • Target the right people,
  • on the right platforms,
  • through the right mediums,
  • at the right time.

In other words, you must meet them where they are. This means knowing your ideal candidate’s interests and where they hang out online.

Building these trusted connections and relationships takes time and effort. And should start and continue even when you’re not actively hiring. This is how you build a solid reputation in the market, so that talent finds you.

Step 3: Assess for skills and culture fit

If you have ever posted a job advert online, you’ll know what it’s like to sift through a dump truck full of unqualified, mismatched applications.

To discover the crème de la crème, you need to understand their skills and experience, as well as their personality and work style.

You’ll end up with a long-list of potential matches, which you’ll need to whittle down.

Step 4: Create a shortlist

A lot goes into shortlisting the best-fit candidates.

Sure, they look good on paper. But do their technical skills match their qualifications? Do they have the right amount of experience in the right tools and solutions? And do their references check out?

Pre-screening candidates requires a degree of discretion and finesse, especially if they’re not looking for a job. When you discover that they are open to opportunities, you have to dig deep to understand what might motivate them to move.

Remove any candidate that doesn’t tick all your boxes. This includes people who aren’t on the market or who won’t be a good cultural fit.

Step 5: Conduct in-depth interviews

Before interviewing your top IT candidates, create an interview guide with pre-agreed questions. This ensures consistency throughout the application process and facilitates skills benchmarking.

During this step, you’ll perform reference checks to gauge the technical and soft skills of the candidates as well as past performance.

During the interviews, ask about the candidate’s values and personal priorities. A single parent, for example, will have different priorities to a 20-something bachelor. You’ll see why this is important in Step 5.

Next, create profiles of your top candidates that you can present to management or decision-making teams. These profiles should include:

  • Career history, including achievements and education
  • Current role and notice period
  • Strengths and areas for development
  • Expected salary
  • Potential restraints of trade
  • Notes on their personality traits, working style, and motivators

If necessary, schedule follow-up interviews with your three to five top candidates. This will give you – and them – a chance to ask questions, raise concerns, and get to know each other.

Step 6: Make the right offer

Recruiting for the best digital talent is a skill. Crafting offers they can’t resist is a vital part of that skill.

Remember those personal questions you asked in Step 4? The answers might as well be nuggets of gold.

By tailoring the benefits to the candidate’s unique needs and priorities, you show that you value what they bring to your business.

Yes, salary will always be a deciding factor. But benefits like flexible working hours, extra holidays, and opportunities for growth, travel, and voluntary work also play an important role.

Any recruitment agency in Auckland will tell you that a cookie-cutter approach to hiring tech skills never works. Not when candidates have the luxury of choosing between many competitive packages. And not when they have the upper hand at the bargaining table.

Differentiate your offer by showing that you understand their motivations and career ambitions. Go even further by showing how you’ll help them achieve those goals.

Step 7: Have a plan for preboarding, onboarding, and follow-ups

Gallup studies show that only 12% of respondents believe their organisation does a good job of onboarding.

Onboarding – or preboarding, as we call it – starts the moment your new employee accepts your irresistible offer. It continues through the first six months of employment, with a particular emphasis on the crucial first 100 days.

Here are our top onboarding tips when recruiting digital and IT professionals:

  • Stay in touch in the month, or months, leading up to their start date.
  • Send weekly updates, even if only to say that you look forward to welcoming them to the team.
  • Introduce them to colleagues from their own and other departments.
  • Offer early training if they want to hit the ground running.
  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Enable email and file access, and help them set up a comfortable space to work from home, if required.
  • Share important policies around cybersecurity and the use of company resources.

This creates a smooth settling-in phase, increases engagement, and ensures an outstanding experience.

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  • We reflect your brand.

We’re conscious of how we portray you in the market – either as a business or a candidate. We help you understand where your skills are most needed. Then, we connect you to amazing career opportunities that align with your personality, vision, and goals.

But don’t take our word for it. As one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in Auckland, we’ve built up an impressive track record of successful placements:

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Here’s what jobseekers say about partnering with Finite920’s digital recruitment professionals in Auckland:

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