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Supporting Good Causes: 2019 Was A Record Year For Finite Group Across ANZ

Across the wider Finite Group, Community contribution has become engrained in our values and is a large part of our overall business strategy. As a result, we actively strive to make a difference, whether it’s by helping the environment, trying to end poverty, supporting community initiatives, empowering women or rallying to support diversity and inclusion.

In 2019, Finite Group had another strong year of support for community and good causes, including sponsorship of 3 professional associations and fundraising/financial support for 37 other good causes totaling a record $51,642 – up from $44,700 in 2018!

Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic part of our strategy at Finite Group and we always go the extra mile through our research to ensure that our initiatives are developed to help society and the environment.

Whilst our efforts can be classified as philanthropic, it’s important to note that as a Group, we make a holistic attempt to engage our employees throughout the process of developing our CSR strategy each year.

We strongly encourage our staff members to speak out about any charities or good causes that they are passionate about and do our best to support them because we believe that supporting the causes our employees are close to brings about a better culture and employee satisfaction.

Overall we aim to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared values for our employees and we believe we can make a very substantial impact to industry through these collective endeavours.



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