Frances Poynder

Talent Manager

Frances Poynder is one of our Candidate Managers and based in Wellington. Her roles sit mainly within the project services/IT/business transformation space in the Wellington market.
She brings a wealth of experience in providing exceptional customer service; having worked as a temp in various organisations and countries and is known for her trust, respect and commitment. She has two years’ experience sourcing proven and specialist project managers and coordinators whilst always building and maintaining a talent pool for both contract and perm roles.  She has recently started recruiting and specialising in architect roles. Frances enjoys talking to candidates to get a deep understanding of their skill set to match the candidate to the right role with the right client. She is looking to become an expert in the contract market to provide first class assistance.

Whilst at work, Frances is passionate about  providing a responsive, efficient and exceptional service. Outside of work, she loves animals, tramping, playing tennis, practising yoga and travel.

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