Neekee Reshamwala

Senior Client Manager

Neekee Reshamwala has been in the recruitment industry for 6+ years within the NZ and Indian market. She started off in recruitment as an HR Admin as an under grad and quickly moved into an internal recruitment role. Neekee, decided to move back to her home town, Surat (known for diamonds – Surat polishes over 90 percent of the world’s rough diamonds) where she joined a family owned textile manufacturing business. This is where she started her IT recruitment career, as the firm was implementing SAP systems.

Neekee decided to move to beautiful New Zealand for further studies. After completing her Masters degree, Neekee helped start a recruitment firm specialising in SAP. Being fascinated with technology, today Neekee specialises in IT infrastructure, ERP and the data and analytics verticals. With this diverse background and expertise, Neekee works as an Account Manager specialising in the architecture, data, analytics and software development verticals.

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