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Tech professionals: Add these 5 important soft skills to your CV to stand out

For much of the pandemic, workers in ANZ enjoyed a candidate-favoured job market. Border closures meant far fewer skilled migrants coming to the region, and businesses had to compete to attract talent.

But now, as borders reopen and we welcome migrant workers back to Australia and New Zealand, the job market has shifted again. Now, competition for job seekers is heating up.

But don’t worry—it’s very early days and there are still plenty of open positions within ANZ’s fast growing tech industry. Skills shortages and the pandemic has forced organisations to be more flexible both in terms of where people work, but also in their adopted work methodology to accommodate remote working.  There has also been a greater focus on soft skills when hiring. So, if you are looking for a new role, how can you make your CV rise to the top and stand out from other candidates going after these same jobs?

One of the best ways to do just that is by featuring some of the most important soft skills for tech professionals clearly throughout your resume. Here are a few pointers on how to highlight these skills, and a rundown of some of the best skills to hone when you’re preparing to find a new position or apply for a promotion.

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The top 5 skills tech professionals should put on their resume

Leaving soft skills off your CV is a big mistake—often, it’s these talents that make you stand out from the competition.

There are far too many potential soft skills to feature in just one article, but here are a few of the very best that tech professionals should first hone, then highlight on a resume.

1. Master communicator

No matter what role you’re looking for in the tech sector, you can guarantee that effective communication will be a vital skill. You’ll need to master written and verbal comms, so you can easily explain things to your colleagues, demonstrate results to your managers, and make persuasive arguments to customers and clients.

2. Organized and prepared

Working in a modern tech business means you’ll need to be on top of a lot of different processes, evolving technology, and internal company policy. Coming to the table (or ‘Teams’ video meeting) with experience managing multiple facets of a role with ease, and showing that you have developed functional processes in the past, will make you stand out during a job interview.

3. Eager to upskill and learn new things

Job managers want candidates who are energised and passionate. Show evidence that you’ve upskilled yourself at past jobs or on your own, and not only will you have a better chance of landing a new role, but you’ll also be opening doors to new skills and training before your first day even starts.

4. An expert at productive leadership

If you are already working at a managerial level, or you hope to become a team leader at some point, then finding ways to demonstrate your leadership skills will be invaluable on your CV. Show that you are not only a leader who delivers on your KPIs, but one who does so with empathy, grace, and honesty.

5. Creative problem-solver

Think back to a moment in a previous job when you were faced with what felt like an impossible problem. What creative solutions did you find to overcome it? Find a way to highlight that on your resume, and you’ll show potential employers the value they’ll get when you’re added to the team.


How to integrate soft skills into your CV

Showcasing your soft skills on your CV isn’t as cut and dry as listing out your employment history and educational background. You’ll need to find creative ways to work mentions of these soft skills into your resume. Here are a few tips:

Show your soft skills in your personal writeup

You can feature your top soft skills right at the top of your CV, in the brief “personal info” section. You don’t want to make this section too long, but you can work in a few sentences like, “At work, I enjoy taking apart complex challenges to find a creative solution” or “One of my passions is leading a team of talented people to new heights.”

Mention soft skills in your previous jobs section

Your job history is perhaps the most important part of your CV, and it’s also the easiest place to feature soft skills. Don’t write out a dry bulleted list of your daily tasks—embellish them with mentions of your “hidden” talents. For example, you might highlight that you were “Responsible for presenting clear, concise monthly reports for the board of directors.”

Create a space for soft talents in the “skills” section

Most CVs have a section where you can list off your specific skills. Too often, candidates only list out their technical skills, and leave out their softer skills. While it’s certainly important to tell your employer that you’re a skilled JavaScript developer or trained in SEO, you also should list out things like “Experienced team leader” or “Outside-the-box thinking.” Just be sure you also back up these skills with examples in other parts of your CV!

Ask references to provide examples of soft skills

Most employers will want to hear from your previous employers and colleagues, which is a great opportunity for others to vouch for your soft skills. Before going into an interview, let your references know they may be getting a call or asked to write a reference. Be excplicit—tell them exactly what soft skills you’d like them to discuss when they speak with your potential new employer.

Come to your interview with examples

Listing your soft skills on a CV is a great way to stand out, but you can really shine a spotlight on your talents when you’re going through the interview process. Before going in (or joining online), take time to reflect on some past experiences you’re proud of from previous jobs or life events. Practice telling these stories in a way that’s concise, compelling, and most of all, indicative of your soft skill proficiency.


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