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The Most in Demand Tech Skills in NZ

Tech skills are highly sought after in any organisation. While there are many other useful skills that are transferable between roles, tech skills are often unique in that they require specialists to perform them. You can’t just ask anyone in your company to come and help you write a few lines of computer code for example.

Combined with the tech talent shortage affecting not only New Zealand but the rest of the world, this means that certain tech skills are currently very much in need. But which of these skills is the most in demand? And if you’re a young IT candidate, which skills should you be looking to focus on in the near term to best equip yourself for the current needs of New Zealand companies?

The most desired skills

1. Software development

Software development is what underpins all the heavy lifting for the creation and operation of websites as well as a whole range of digital services. Its needed for everything from web design to content creation and management tasks. It’s a skill in such high demand because nearly every company in the world is now in some way a tech company and the number of websites and services they offer continues to grow. 

2. Project management

Project management skills are needed to guide and lead development teams to deliver IT products and services. The skill set includes organisational skills to keep projects on track and on budget but also interpersonal skills to appraise job performance and coach and counsel team members.

3. Support/helpdesk

Help desk support is the resource customers can turn to for information related to a company’s products and services. It’s usually provided over channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email. Helpdesks can also provide internal support for staff looking to resolve computer or network issues. 

4. Networking/infrastructure

Network infrastructure is what allows all our devices to connect and communicate with one another. As organisations add more and more devices to their networks – to allow people to collaborate with teammates, connect via mobile devices, or work remotely, there is an increased need for people with the skills to keep the network operating properly.

5. Business analysis

Organisations have access to more external market data as well as internal business data than ever before. So the need for people with the data analytics skills necessary to turn it into useful insights is also growing rapidly. These insights are vital for business intelligence and to properly understand target markets and customer behaviours. Having quality business analysts can also lead to significant efficiency improvements and help guide the development of better products.

6. Digital/cloud

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage where the digital data is spread across multiple servers that may span numerous physical locations. This means enterprise no longer has to rely on owning, operating, and upgrading the infrastructure needed to store and access ever increasing volumes of data. However, what is still needed is the expertise to setup and operate these cloud solutions, which still require the desired apps and data to be properly installed and configured. 

7. Agile

Agile methodology is an incredibly popular model of developing and testing software. It’s based on the Plan, Build, Launch, Learn, Repeat process and with each cycle the development team makes changes and adds new features. One of its strengths is the emphasis on high levels of customer involvement in project, with iterations based on ongoing customer feedback. This vastly increases the likelihood of producing software that the customer actually wants and finds useful. 

Where can you get these skills?

There are several straightforward approaches you can use to develop the tech skills currently in highest demand in New Zealand:

  • Online – there are many great online resources to learn tech skills. The best of these are offered via educational platforms that let you learn and complete courses at your own pace. These include Corsera, Udemy, and Lynda.
  • Through a mentor – learning skills directly from a mentor selected for their expertise in the areas you want to improve on is an unmatched way to rapidly develop your capabilities. You can find a mentor via your workplace or seek a specialist mentor out separately.
  • Professional training – tell your workplace that you’d like to pursue training options to improve in specific skill areas. Your work may run internal training courses or organise external courses or workshops you can attend to improve your skills. 

Continual development

The pace of technological innovation is so rapid that the only solution for tech staff to stay in demand is to continually upskill. This both enhances your capabilities as well as provides you opportunities to continue learning about your favoured areas of interest or to focus on the skills best suited to your career goals. 

Finite are experts in the New Zealand tech sector and can help candidates understand exactly what skills are most in demand. We can guide talent in the right direction to make sure they’re maximising their specialty IT skills as well as connect them with the IT managers that are crying out for the right kind of talent. Get in touch today.


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