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The Top NZ Startups You Need to be Looking Out For Into 2020

New Zealand is becoming a genuine hub for tech startups. It is showing that with the right resources and support, even relatively small countries can produce tech success stories and compete with the best companies globally. 

There are now more than 500 tech startups in New Zealand and the tech sector is playing a vital role in attracting funding and investments for the startup economy. Many of the new entrants that participated in funding activities in 2019 have made an immediate impact and look set to continue to make their mark in 2020 and beyond. 

In this article, we look at the Top 5 NZ startups that you need to keep your eye on. 


PredictHQ is an Auckland based startup that raised $10 million in Series A funding last year. It has developed an event intelligence platform that crunches large volumes of data to provide insights into company performance. These insights enable business leaders to make decisions and take actions at the most appropriate time. 


Halter operates in the AgTech space and develops innovative herd management solutions. Its product line in focused around GPS enabled collars that allow farmers to track the location of their animals in real time. This idea also enables a reduction in reliance on fencing infrastructure to track and control herds, making it of high interest to properly owners and herd managers both within New Zealand and around the world. 

Faceme (UneeQ)

Recently rebranded as UneeQ, Faceme was originally founded to help companies leverage AI-based technologies to improve customer experiences on digital platforms. It has created an AI powered digital customer service assistant that can interact with customers and respond to tone, conversation, and body language. The platform has been designed to work across multiple industries including banking, telecommunications, and the retail sector. It features customised dialogue management so is highly flexible and can work independently or in tandem with human teams. 


Learncoach is an education technology company. Originally founded by secondary school teacher David Cameron in 2012, Learncoach recently successfully closed its first funding round of $1.5 million. The Learncoach online tutorial platform has received approval from the New Zealand government and already has a user base of over 150,000 students. Its services include learning videos for high school and university students as well as developing educational resources for schools.

Cove Insurance

Cove is an innovative insurance technology company that has developed a self serve digital insurance platform. The platform allows users to buy, manage, and lodge insurance claims easily, with coverage currently available for car and phone insurance. The company has made rapid progress since issuing its first policy in 2018 and is currently looking to further expand its coverage options to include home and contents insurance policies.  

Tech success

New Zealand’s success in producing innovative and successful tech startups has much to do with its supportive startup ecosystem and business environment. This is achieved not only through the encouragement and support of local entrepreneurs but also by offering international tech talent special visas to encourage them to launch and run new tech businesses in New Zealand. 

To find out more about New Zealand’s startup success stories and the companies leading the way, Finite would be happy to help.


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