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WHS Practices: Are you taking good care of yourself right now?

While many of us are ‘Working From Home’ (WFH), it is very important not to forget about the importance of good WHS practices. In particular:

Workstation set up & Ergonomics:

Workers should ensure they have completed and returned to Finite their WFH Agreement, including conducting a self-assessment of your workstation set up and the ergonomics of your home office.

Workers can refer back to the workstation guide (in the WFH Agreement) for a regular review of their home office to ensure it is still comfortable, safe and fit for purpose.

Mental Health:

The WFH experience is unique to each individual and workers can face a range of challenges from loneliness and isolation (if you have limited human interactions) to stress and overload (if you have boisterous flatmates/family or are trying to care for children and manage home-schooling as well as work etc).

Workers should try to take regular breaks from their computer screen and get some fresh air and exercise every day. It also helps to conduct meetings by VC and to speak to people on the phone (rather than just emailing) to maintain working relationships and enjoy a connection with your team.

Workers should bear in mind that Finite Group can provide them with access to free and confidential counselling services through our EAP provider if you need support and assistance during this challenging time (please obtain details from your Finite contact or by emailing

Professional Conduct:

Workers should always conduct themselves in a professional manner (despite the fact that they are WFH) and to be pleasant and polite to their colleagues; to show common courtesies (including sensitivities to the situation of others); to dress and present yourself appropriately for VCs; and to treat each other with respect in all work-related communications.

Bullying and harassment can still occur in a WFH situation and standards should not drop just because people are not physically in the office.

Reporting Incidents/Issues:

Workers are still required to report any work-related WHS incidents or issues to their Finite contact/supervisor.

If workers require any further guidance in relation to Finite’s WHS practices and procedures, they can ask their Finite contact for a copy of the Finite Group WHS Policy and email any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions to

In all matters relating to the workplace, workers should continue to follow all Government restrictions in relation to self-isolating and social distancing and should follow good hygiene practices and stay away from others if you are unwell.

Please report any absences (due to sickness or carer’s responsibilities) to your Finite contact so that they can manage the client’s expectations and ensure your timesheets are correct.

Please continue to look after yourselves and each other. Stay safe, stay professional and stay at the top of your game!


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